How Long is RSV Contagious?

How Long Is RSV Contagious? Here’s What You Should Know Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is nearly as common as the common cold and the flu, especially during the colder months, when more time is spent indoors, closer to just about everyone. Exhibiting symptoms similar to a cold and the flu, RSV leads to about 2.1 … Continued

Does Salt Cause High Blood Pressure?

Does Salt Cause High Blood Pressure? Here’s What You Need to Know Often part of a standard health exam, our blood pressure will likely be checked numerous times throughout our lifetime. From primary care physicians to dentists and specialists, doctor visits often entail a quick squeeze of the arm to ensure your blood pressure is … Continued

What to Do for a Chemical Burn: Here’s What You Should Know

Each year, thousands of people experience burn injuries. While many can be treated at home without medical attention, nearly 450,000 burn-related injuries require medical treatment annually across the United States. Of that, about 3% are categorized as chemical burns. Differing from other burn types, chemical burns are caused by various corrosive chemicals harmful to the … Continued